About Me

I am a retired Senior Engineer from CenturyLink in Spokane.

RC Hobbies

I have been hooked on RC since 1989. Raced 10th scale off-road and on-road cars and buggies. Flown and crashed way too many airplanes. Raced RC boats LSH, tunnel hull and 10th scale FE hydros.

My Current Boats
  • 1/8 Miss Budweiser FE 1980
  • 1/10 Miss Burien FE 1960
  • UL-19 Miss Budweiser Paint Scheme
  • Sonicwake Blue & white
Why I started RClogos.com

I wanted to buy Miss Burien decals for my wood hydro stand and couldn’t find any without buying a whole set. So I bought a vinyl cutting machine to make my own. The next thing was a shirt heat press, then a hat press and a mug press. I wasn’t happy with the pressed mugs that were printed with heat transfer vinyl. So I bought a sublimation printer and now the mug graphics are crisp, clear, and one with the mug.

My wife and I have a Medical ID store online for almost 20 years now. Cheap plug here – if you need a Medical ID necklace, bracelet, or key chain our site is https://My-Medical-ID.com

It seems like there is a lack of Club Logo items in the RC Boat Clubs, so it seems like a great niche for me because I love RC boats!